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This Folding Electric Bicycle is a blast to ride!.. It has a top speed of 20 mph and a max distance of 20 miles on a battery charge. You can still pedal like a regular bicycle, ride using only the electric motor, or pedal along with the motor for exercise in hybrid mode. Pedaling is optional.

The bike folds up and is easy to store and transport. The 48 volt battery pack is portable, so you can take it with you and charge it in any 110/220 volt outlet.

This folding electric bike is perfect for commuting to work short distances. NO DRIVERS LICENSE NEEDED.. Buy yours today!


- 500 Watt Bushless Hub Motor
- 48 Volt 10 Amp Hour Lithium w/lock
- 110/220 volt battery charger included
- 20 mph top speed
- Up to 20 miles on a charge
- LCD Display and Speedometer
- USB outlet to charge a cell phone or other devices.
- Kenda Tire size is 20 inch x 4 in
- Compact and easy to store
- Bike weight with battery is 50 lbs
- Adjustable for heights 5'0 - 6'4

The Voyager folding e-bike can fold up for easy storage and transport. In seconds this electric bike folds up and can easily fit into the trunk of your car. It features a battery integrated right into the frame and a LCD Display which provides real-time data on speed, range, and power assist mode. The Flybrid Compact pedal-assist e-bike goes 15 MPH and can travel 15 miles on a single charge.

- Folds to fit into the trunk of a car
- LCD Display provides speed, range, and power-assist
- Can be taken on public transport
- Range: 15 miles
- Top speed: 15 mph

Sale Price w/ Battery