Electric Bike Technology
Thumb trottle and Cycle Computer (See how far and fast you are going).
Very high quality AllCell Lithium Battery Packs - Built in Chicago, IL USA
Easy access to electric components (like under the hood of a car). Battery storage bag can easily be removed and you can take it with you.
Thicker puncture resistant/self healing tire tubes added to each of our bikes to significantly reduce flats.
Sleek black design minus decals is to prevent standing out and being stolen. Other ebikes out there tend to be flashy and easily draw attention.
We use high quality components and have added features to our electric bikes that most other competitors dont use. These features are what sets our electric bikes apart from the rest. 

We also use more powerful 600 watt and 750 watt motors which is more powerful than most other competitors.
The bike is light enough to take on a train with you.
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