The main benefit of an electric bike is getting around and not having to pay for gas.

Purchasing an electric bicycle can be one of the best decisions of your life. For commuting to work and short distance trips an electric bicycle is ideal. 

You can enjoy long bikes rides without the physical stress of pedaling all the time. Pedaling is optional. 

You can still pedal as much or as little as you like.. and bike farther and faster than you ever have !

The Advantages of an Electric Bicycle:

  •   Bike to work without being sweaty or tired
  •   Get up hills a lot easier 
  •   Pedaling is optional
  •   Ride at speeds of up to 20+ mph
  •   Ride 20-40 miles max on a battery charge
  •   Eco Friendly - No pollution
  •   Not have to pay for gas
  •   Reduce your dependence on foreign oil
  •   No license or insurance required
  •   Have transportation after a DUI
  •   Help with physical rehabilitation
  •   Fun to ride - Relieve stress !
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