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Riding an Electric Bicycle in a City

by eBiker on 04/04/17

I have been riding my electric bike in a city for several years now. Bad traffic is what motivates me to ride to work and back. It used to be gas prices that motivated me. Riding in traffic isn't so bad when you plan out your route using Google Maps. They have bike lanes and bike friendly roads mapped out. Always wear bright reflective clothing and flashing lights. This is essential for riding in a city.

My commute by car takes 35 minutes. My commute by electric bike only takes 25 minutes. When it rains, I take an uber or train to work. I have saved a fortune by not owning a car and instead taking my electric bike as often as possible.

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1. Tom said on 4/5/17 - 10:43AM
Be cautious of potholes. We seriously need to fix our infastructure.

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